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Within the state

Rs.2,999/- All Inclusive

  • Pass Necessary Resolution
  • I DIN (Director Identification Number)
  • 1 DSC (Digital Signature Certifcate)
  • Updated Master Data
  • Filing of Necessary forms

Shifting of Registered office From one state to another state

Rs.49,999/- All Inclusive

Time limit: Subject to approvals from Government authorities

  • Passing of necessary Board Resolution Notice
  • EGM
  • Filing of forms with MCA
  • General notice in Newspapers
  • Approval from Regional Director
  • Petition to be filled with Regional Directors
  • Approval from various government officials

Required Documents

  • Proof of registered office address (Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill, Maintenance Receipt (Rent Agreement if place taken on rent) - Latest
  • NOC from the owner if place on rent basis

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