Pvt Ltd Co. OPC LLP Partnership Firm
Minimum Person Required for formation 2 Promoters required for Formation 1 Promoter required 2 Designated Partners required for formation 2 Partners Required for formation
Cost of Formation Relatively High as compared to other business structure Higher than LLP, lower than Pvt Ltd Co. Low cost of formation Lowest cost of formation as compared to other business structure.
Compliance High Lower compliance than Pvt Ltd Co. but higher than LLP and Partnership Firm Less compliance Lowest Compliance as compared to all business structure.
Credibility Highest Credibility as compared to other business structures. Higher Credibility than LLP but less than Pvt Ltd Co. Higher Credibility but less than Pvt Ltd Co. Lower credibility.
Foreign Participation Foreign National are allowed to invest under the Automatic, Approval Route. Director cannot be foreign national. Foreign national are allowed to invest as per law. Foreign nationals are not allowed to be a partner.

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